The Dean Profile

Prof. Jonathan Arko Fletcher





Professor Jonathan Arko Fletcher is the Dean of the School of Education and Leadership.

Areas of Expertise

·         Psychological, Philosophical and Sociological Issues in (Mathematics) Education

·         Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

·         Assessment in Education

·         Leadership in Education

·         Teacher Education

·         Curriculum Development in (Mathematics) Education

·         Basic Education

·         Performance Appraisal

Selected Publications

Fletcher, J. A. (in press). Students’ performance in mathematics and science: Breaking the jinx.

Fletcher, J. A. & Howard, N. K.  (2016). Introduction to statistics. Cape Coast: CODE.

Howard, N. K., & Fletcher, J. A. (2015). Introduction to probability. Cape Coast: CODE.

Howard, N. K., & Fletcher, J. A. (2015). Vector algebra and differential equations. Cape Coast: CODE.

Fletcher J.A., Mishiwo, M., & Sedega, B.  (2014). Teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics in high schools in the Akatsi District of Ghana Journal of Educational Development and Practice, 5, 50-60

Howard, N. K., & Fletcher, J. A. (2014). Introduction to abstract algebra. Cape Coast: CODE.

Awoniyi, F. C., & Fletcher, J. A.  (2014). The relationship between senior high school mathematics teacher characteristics and assessment practices.  Journal of Educational Development and Practice, 4, 19-40

Ampiah, J. G., Fletcher, J. A., Davis, E. K., &Abreh, M. K. (2013).  Enhancing access to education for out-of-school children in hard to reach communities in Ghana: The ACE experience. Journal of Education: Issues and Practice, 4, 1- 21.

Fletcher, J. A., &Howard, N. K. (2013). Analytic geometry &calculus.  Cape Coast: CCE.

Fletcher, J. A., Howard, N. K., &Asare-Inkoom, A. (2013). Algebra and trigonometry. Cape Coast: CCE.

Essel, E. K., Howard, N. K., Fletcher, J. A., & Nkansah, B. K.  (2013). Mathematics for senior high school teachers 6. Cape Coast: CCE

Howard, N. K., Essel, E. K., Fletcher, J. A.,&Nkansah, B. K.  (2013). Mathematics for senior high school teachers 5. Cape Coast: CCE

Fletcher J. A. (2012). Social justice and mathematics education in Ghana Journal of Arts and Social Sciences 1, 109 - 127  

Fletcher J. A. & Anderson S. (2012). Improving students’ performance in mensuration at the senior high school level using the Geometer’s Sketchpad. Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 6 (1), 63-79.

Aheto, S. P. K., & Fletcher, J.A. (2012). Looking through the lenses of educational management systems (EMIS). International Journal of Computing Academic Research, 1, 10-24

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Fletcher, J.A. (2009). Participation of women in mathematics at the university level. Proceedings of ALM – 16 Adults Learning Mathematics (London)

Fletcher, J. A. (2009).  Applying mathematics in real-life problems: A case study of two senior high schools in Ghana, International Journal of Mathematics, Science and Computing Education. 1, 1-15

Fletcher, J. A. (2009). Learning algebraic concepts through group discussion. Journal of Science and Mathematics Education,4, 31-47

Fletcher J.A., Asare-Inkoom, A., &Forkpa, M. (2009)  Gender equity in mathematics achievement in junior high schools in Liberia ,InternationalJournal of Mathematics, Science and Computing Education1, 27- 44

Fletcher J.A. (2008).  Teacher performance appraisal: What do mathematics lecturers say? London: Pajoy Publishers

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Fletcher, J. A. (2007) Evaluation of the City and Guilds Level 3 Adult Numeracy.  African Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics and Sciences5, 49 – 60.

Fletcher J.A. (2005) Constructivism and mathematics education. Mathematics Connection 529-36.

Fletcher J.A., & Tate, L (2004)A handbook for the diploma in further education teachingLondon: City & Guilds

Fletcher J.A., & Tate, L. (2003)A handbook for the certificate in further education teachingLondon: City & Guilds

Fletcher J.A. (2001) Appraisal of mathematics teachers in Ghana. African Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics and Sciences, 1, 81-102

Fletcher J.A. (2001). Mathematics education and continuous assessment in Ghanaian secondary schools. Continuous assessment of what?Mathematics Connections2, 7-11.

Fletcher, J. A., & Tufuor, J. K.  (2000).A handbook for Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students. Cape Coast: University Press

Akyeampong, K. A., Ampiah, J.G., Fletcher, J. A., Kutor, N., &Sokpe, B. (2000).  Learning to teach in Ghana : An evaluation of curriculum delivery. [A Ghana Muster Report]. Sussex: Centre for International Education, University of Sussex.


Consultancy Services

  • Fletcher, J. A. & Shepherd, S. (2016). Evaluation of the transforming teacher education and learning (T-TEL) materials.  Accra: Ministry of Education

We were commissioned by T-TEL to evaluate how and to what extent tutors and student teachers are able to use and apply the materials developed by T-TEL, specifically the first four themes of Tutor Professional Development (TPD) materials introduced by T-TEL.

  • Young, M. et al (2016). School partnership programme teaching practice:

Student teacher handbook, tutor handbook and mentor handbook. Accra: Ministry of Education.

Member of a team Led by Marion Young to provided support to the School Partnership Advisors to produce Teaching Practice handbooks for the School Partnership Programme under the T-TEL programme.

  • Wilmot, E.M., & Fletcher, J. A. (2015). Report on examination malpractices at the Berekum Nursing and Midwifery College.  Accra: Nursing & Midwifery Council.

We were commissionedby the Nursing and Midwifery Council to investigate alleged cases of examination malpractice involving the use of WhatsApp platforms set up by students writing the NMC licensing examination in 2015. 

  • Ampiah, J.G., Fletcher, J. A.,Abreh, M.K., & Davis, E.K. (2013). Evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of ACE methodological and pedagogical approaches to basic education in Northern Ghana. Accra: IBIS

The team was commissionedby the Alliance for Change in Education of IBIS Ghana to evaluate the quality and the effectiveness of Wing School Project in the Gushegu and Karaga districts in the Northern Region of Ghana. 

  • Fletcher, J. A. (2012). Financial models workshop for UCC finance staff. Cape Coast: UCC.

I was commissioned by the University of Cape Coast to run a workshop on how to use Microsoft Excel to develop financial models for finance staff of UCC. 

  • Fletcher, J. A., Mallows, D., & Kings, P. (2010) Evaluation of the numeracy improvement project. National Research and Development Centre, Institute of Education, University of London

I was the Lead Consultant for the evaluation of the Lifelong Learning UK, Numeracy Improvement project. The team coordinated research activities on numeracy teacher education involving the following institutions: Abingdon and Whitney College, Brighton College, Cambridge College, Lambeth College, Ludlow College, Manchester College and Richmond Adult Community College, all in the UK.

  • Fletcher, J. A., & Mallows, D. (2010). Entry requirements for the LLUK adult numeracy teacher training qualification. London: LLUK 

I was the Lead Consultant for the National Research and Development Centre (Institute of Education, University of London) on the review of entry requirements for the Lifelong Learning,               UK numeracy teacher training qualification.

  • Ampiah, J.G., Ossei-Anto, T. A., & Fletcher, J. A.  (2008). Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services Assisted Primary Schools in the Three Northern Regions of Ghana. Cape Coast: CRIQPEG, University of Cape Coast.

The team was contracted by the Catholic Relief Services Ghana, to evaluate the achievement in Mathematics and English of the Catholic Relief Services Assisted primary schools in the three Northern Regions of Ghana.

  • Fletcher, J. A. (2000). Investment appraisal workshop for Merchant Bank Investment staff. Accra: Merchant Bank. I was commissioned by Merchant to run a workshop on investment appraisal comparing internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV) methods.
  • Fletcher, J. A. (1999). Time value of money workshop for Merchant Bank staff. Accra: Merchant Bank. I was commissioned by Merchant Bank to run a property valuation workshop for Merchant Bank staff working at the Investment Department.
  • Other consultancy services I have provided include work done for the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (Quantitative Techniques Examiner), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (Mathematics Education Consultant and the Department for International Development (DFID) (Mathematics Education Consultant).