UG Launches Collegiate System

The University of Ghana has officially inaugurated its Collegiate System. The University has adopted a decentralized system of administration from the 2014/2015 academic year. The new Colleges created under the collegiate system of administration are the College of Health Sciences headed by a Provost, Prof. Yao Tettey, the College of Humanities headed by Prof. Samuel Agyei- Mensah, the College of Education headed by Rev. Prof. Cephas Omenyo and the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, headed by an Acting Provost Prof. S.K. Offei, who is also the Pro-Vice-Chnacellor (Academic and Students Affairs).

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, noted in his welcome remarks that, it took the University three (3) years to arrive at a decision on the Collegiate System. He said, the process of going collegiate had begun even before the decision making took place. Prof. Ernest Aryeetey highlighted that, it began with the establishment of the College of Health Sciences, and the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences.

Prof. Ernest Aryeetey explained that, the purpose of the University of Ghana’s decision to go Collegiate is simply to decentralize the academic functions of the university, make decision making a lot shorter and a lot more structured. In so doing, he said it would help lower the unit cost of work on the various functions of the university. He revealed that, the various provosts have been given adequate powers necessary to facilitate decision making at the Colleges. This, he said is a major transformation that must be taken seriously. He promised that, he would provide all the necessary support deemed of him to his Provosts to make their work effective.

A group photograph taken after the Inauguration

The Chairman of Council, Justice Dr. S.K. Date-Bah, who was the Chairman for the inauguration, in his opening remarks described the occasion as a remarkable land mark event in the history of the University. He explained that, the University Council did their part on what was expected of them concerning the collegiate system. He said, it is impossible for the University of Ghana to have two (2) types of systems, thus the collegiate system was chosen over the University’s centralized system of administration.


Justice Dr. S.K. Date-Bah, Chairman of Council, officially declaring the Colleges duly inaugurated


The Provosts for the four (4) Colleges gave presentations on their Colleges, and the nature of work expected of them. Justice Dr. S.K. Date-Bah officially declared the Colleges duly inaugurated. Please find below a link to the various Colleges.


Prof. Yao Tettey, Provost, College of Health Sciences


Prof. Samuel Agyei- Mensah, Provost, College of Humanities


Rev. Prof. Cephas Omenyo, Provost, College of Education


Prof. S.K. Offei, Acting Provost, College of Basic and Applied Sciences

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