Prof. Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, new Provost of the College of Education, interacts with Faculty of the School of Education and Leadership

             The Provost, Dean, SEL and College Secretary at the meeting

Prof. Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, Provost of the College of Education, met with the faculty of the three departments of School of Education and leadership; namely, Department of Educational Studies and Leadership, Department of Teacher Education  and  the  Department  of  Physical Education and Sport Studies, on August 16, 2022, and August 23, 2022, respectively

In   welcoming   faculty   members,   the   College Secretary, Mr. Joseph Oduro Nkansah, informed them that the purpose of the meeting was for the Provost to outline his vision and interact with Faculty of the School.   After self-introductions by the Provost and Faculty present, the Provost outlined his vision and the three (3) strategic Priority areas of his vision.

The three priority areas were:

1.   To improve and expand Distance Education and Sandwich programs as well as introduce innovative programs in the College of Education

2.   To facilitate Research, Innovation, and Development.

3.   To enhance relationships with stakeholders.

The Provost, in his submission, indicated that research could be used as a major funding tool for the College of Education as well as improve faculty promotion progress. He shared the statistics and data of the College of Education’s performance in research activities juxtaposed

to other Colleges of the University, which indicated that

         Faculty of the Department of Educational Studies and Leadership interacting with the Provost

research output within the College of Education, both internationally and locally, was low and this had impacted the levels of promotion into the professorial ranks within the College.

He further submitted that he would ensure that more faculty members go into research to enhance the research output of the College as well as generate income through research grant awards.  The Provost, further explained that collaborative research and interdisciplinary research would be encouraged among faculty to attract research grants in education into the College. This would enhance activities at the College and the School of Education and Leadership and improve faculty promotion. He, therefore, encouraged faculty to write and publish in credible outlets and not predatory journals.

The Provost expressed plans to appoint more Research Fellows to the College of Education, to lead research and support other faculty members in their research.


Another aspects of the plans of the Provost is to create the College of Education Research and


Surveillance Site (COERSS) to:

        Increase research output

        Allow for regular integration of field lessons into classroom teaching

        Provide a unique opportunity for rigorous training in research methodology

        Expand the base of faculty undertaking research

    Create  high-quality  computational  data  for  use  by  students  and  staff,  as  well  as programming and planning for policy.

He further proposed the establishment of the College of Education Research Week, as well as inaugurate research groups.  He proposed a Research    Advocacy    team    in    Education, Information, and Communication.


A cross section of Faculty of Department of Teacher Education and Department of Physical Education and Sports Studies.


There  was  an  extensive  discussion  on  the sandwich  programmes  ran  at  the  School  of Education and Leadership and encouraged the Departments to continue running the sandwich programmes.

Faculty members of the School of Education and Leadership welcomed the Provost and promised to render all their support to enhance the College of Education.