Professional Development Workshop for Tutors of Colleges of Education Affiliated to University of Ghana

The School of Education and Leadership in partnership with Transforming Teaching Education and Learning (T-TEL) organized a Two-Day Professional Development Workshop at the AH, Hotel.

The objectives of the workshop were to help the participants from the six affiliated colleges of education familiarize themselves with the Professional Development (PD) manuals for the year-three, semester one courses. Also, it was to demonstrate how to use the Professional Development manuals in moderating the PD sessions in year-three, semester one. Furthermore, the workshop aimed at helping participants to understand, address, and implement the National Education Assessment Policy (NTEAP).

The workshop was attended by the six colleges affiliated with the University of Ghana namely, Peki, Accra, Enchi, Gbewaa, Mt. Mary and E.P. The Professional Development session was held to train the Heads of Department, Professional Development Coordinators and their Assistants. The participants were put into groups based on the subjects on their taught subjects. The subjects are Mathematics, English, ICT/Inquiry, Pedagogy, Social Science, Science, PE, Music and Dance and French.

Addressing the participants at the workshop, the Coordinator, Dr. Emmanuel Adjei-Boateng reiterated the need for the Heads of Department, Professional Development Coordinators, and their Assistants to carry out weekly Professional Development sessions in their colleges to help prepare tutors in teaching the various lessons in the course manuals.

Mrs. Millicent Narh-Kert, a member of the implementation team in charge of assessment for the B. Ed Programme took members through the National Teacher Education Assessment Policy (NTEAP). She outlined the role of NTEAP which was to help Student-Teachers see teaching as an attractive and fulfilling profession; and develop some core skills such as digital literacy, communication, inclusivity, and critical thinking. She emphasized the need to understand the difference between a subject project and a subject portfolio.

During the brainstorming session, Mrs. Narh-Kert assigned the various groups to outline their roles as Heads of Department, Professional Development Coordinators; and to state their expectations, challenges, and recommendations. This is to help in the smooth running of the professional development sessions in their colleges.

Some of the challenges identified were, the readiness of teaching manuals, absenteeism on the part of tutors, tutor apathy, the integration of ICT in organizing PD sessions, among others. Some of the suggested recommendations made by the participants included adherence to time, motivations of teachers, and timely provision of teaching manuals.

The various subject groups did a presentation on what had been discussed during their breakout sessions after which a plenary discussion was held on emerging issues from the various subject groups.

Dr. Emmanuel Adjei-Boateng thanked all participants for their contributions during the workshop. The workshop ended on January 6, 2022.